【福克斯新闻China Showdown】白宫:拜登和习近平不是老朋友

Joe Biden: Just get something straight. We know each other well, but we're not old friends.

Jen Psaki: He's still not considering him an old friend. So that remains consistent.

Xi Jinping: Altough it's not as good as face-to-face meeting, I'm very happy to see my old friend.

Bill Hemmer: So there you have Chinese president Xi Jinping calling president Biden "old friend" ahead of the last night virtual meeting, despite the administration insisting they're not in fact friends. Critics now is claiming last night summit was all show, while a senior official described the event a healthy debate. They talked apparently for three hours. Wisconsin Republican congressman Mike gallagher, a member of House Armed Services Committe. How are you sir. Good day to you. This is our understanding with regard to Covid that the pandemic was only mentioned briefly rather and the origin never came up. I just want to show you this picture. This would be my first question as an American president: President Xi, why is my secretary of states sitting to my left wearing a mask?

Mike Gallagher: Well, the whole thing was absolutely absurd. It was as If president Biden got into a time machine and tried to go back to 2010, back to the Obama administration's failed cooperative approach to China. The entire 3.5-hour conversation seems designed to find common ground was quite frankly very little exists because general secretary Xi Jinping is not interested in cooperating. For Biden to abandon an aggressive competition in favor of cooperation, it's not only profoundly naive, but it's also dangerous, because it will do nothing to stop their military expansion, their destruction of the environment, or the ongoing genocide. Just look at the more important summit that happened last week in Scotland the COP26 where we signed on to a heavily lopsided agreement and in the process John Kerry threw the Uyghurs under the bus, because they believe that somehow Xi and china are interested in combating climate change. They aren't. It's quite literally a waste of carbon to negotiate with them.

Dana Perino: And apparently, the genocide wasn't given much attention last night either of the Uyghur.

Mike Gallagher: They talked vaguely about human rights concerns. They sent Taiwan was mentioned. My understanding is that was Xi who was very aggressive and saying if you play with fire with respect to Taiwan, you will get burned. It was really a missed opportunity for Biden not only to press on the origin of the Covid as Bill you point out but also to tell the Chinese regime that we will be engaging in a diplomatic boycott of the Olympics in large part, because of their ongoing genocide, that the Biden administration itself has to confirm. And it's very absurd for them and for major American corporations sponsor the Olympics to proceed as if this is just business as usual, and in the process give Xi Jinping a massive propaganda victory.

Bill Hemmer: Yeah, you make an amazing point there, and well taken. A hundred fifty countries around the world, they gonna go there. What they gonna do? I mean the world has been living with this thing for two years. I'm not opposing in any way these two men talking. They can talk for six hours, nine or twelve, talk for a day and a half if you want. But I just think as a country in this world, we should know where this pandemic came from, period, full stop.

Mike Gallagher: I agree a hundred percent. We are engaged in multiple efforts here on the Hill to force the administration to, if nothing else, declassify the intelligence related to the origin of the pandemic, provide us with all the documentation on US government taxpayer funding grants that went to gain-of-function research in cooperation with Wuhan Institute of Virology. But thus far, we've gotten very little to know cooperation from the NIH, from USAID, and from intelligence community, and that's quite frankly unacceptable. We need to do better. This pandemic has completely upended our lives and we need to get to the bottom of it. If for no other reason than that's our best chance to prevent a future pandemic from similarly destructing our entire lives.

Dana Perino: Maybe like zoom out a little bit in terms of the big picture here. It seems to me that China at least maybe they talk a good game. But they seem quite aware of their position in the world, where they want to go. They obviously don't have a system like ours where everybody gets a say, and they're fully focused on the competition with the United States. Do you believe this administration has the same sort of focus when it comes to China.

Mike Gallagher: No, I don't. I believe that while they have prioritized China as the biggest challenge we face, increasingly it seems to me that the John Kerry wing of the administration which believes in contrast that climate change is the biggest threat we face. It's gaining ground over more realistic voices within the administration, and look no further than the fact that the State Department is encouraging our diplomats not to use the phrase malign Chinese influence in any official document or communication. Look at the fact that the Defense Apartment right now is sort of walking away from great power competition as a way to describe what we are doing and moving more towards something along the line as durable coexistence or responsible competition or the fact we can compete and cooperate at the same time. All of this I think amounts to a more cooperative and naive approach to China, and that's really what concerns me as well as the fact we know that as matter of his own personal legacy, Xi Jinping wants to effectuate unification of Taiwan with the mainland and has said they are willing to use force if necessary, and I fear all of this is going to come to a head shortly after they get that massive propaganda win with the Olympics in 2022 and he eliminates any constrains on the third term.

Bill Hemmer: That's a big list. Sir, thank you for your time. Mike Gallagher Republican from the state of Wisconsin. Wisconsin's in the news today as you well know. Listen, we need an answer, otherwise we're letting down six billion people, including the Chinese people. Mike Gallagher, thanks.
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