Translate: I'm glad there were four years of Trump so that the Biden administration could act so anti-communist



Someone wrote before about the China threat theory, but at first many people were not convinced: the Chinese Communist Party's plan to infiltrate the world was about to succeed:  to infiltrate the United States, steal American technology and cultivate their own power.

But halfway there was a Trump, who is anti-elite anti-globalization, adhere to the tradition. He restricted Chinese visas, investigated on spies, external tariffs, and strongly supported for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Xinjiang. He also prompted the American people to wake up and recognize the threat.

Today, Biden once again restrict Chinese enterprises,  an intensify sanction against Chinese Communist Party officials. Rather than saying that public opinion pushed Biden away, it is better to say that it is Trump's 4-year effort to make the trend irreversible. The calculated steps of Chinese Communist Party's almost trapped Biden's administration. If there had been no "hard disk door", Biden would be really a soft persimmon of the Chinese Communist Party, however, hard disk door exploilt for Biden no scruples.

There are recent joint allies together with the South China Sea voyage, a few days ago the warship to the East China Sea, and then cross the Taiwan Strait, I have to say that the joint allies or very effective, and Biden also firmly support Taiwan.

The European side also shelved the China-Europe trade agreement, of course, there are also the results of war wolf diplomacy for death in it.
Why is Biden so? In fact, the principle is also simple, because Biden is also not a legitimate government, naturally, will also remain highly vigilant against dictatorial regimes, fearing that they threaten themselves, so Biden's basic policy towards the Chinese Communist Party will not be reversed.

If Hillary had come to power and continued to follow the path of Obama, the American public would not have been as awakened as it is today, and the strength of the CCP would have increased substantially today, and it might really face an evenly matched war in the future.
Of course some of you will think if Hillary comes to power will Taiwan be unprotected? I think not, because Taiwan's strategic position is too important, belong to the strategic impulse, too close to Japan, can radiate the entire South China Sea and half of the Pacific Ocean, is an unsinkable aircraft carrier, give more money to the United States will not give up Taiwan.

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