朝鲜的大外宣视频My Hero

In My Hero, a segment about Un A’s grandfather, a veteran of the 1950-53 Korean War, she identifies herself as “an ordinary Korean girl from an ordinary family.”
一段名为《我的英雄》(My Hero)的视频是关于她祖父的,他是1950–1953年朝鲜战争的退役老兵,片中她说自己是“一个来自普通家庭的普通朝鲜女孩”。
Then she launches into a monologue hewing relentlessly to the grand theme of all North Korean propaganda — how the Kim family liberated Koreans from the yoke of Japanese colonialists, repelled American invaders in the Korean War and made North Koreans safe once and for all by developing a nuclear deterrent.
“We don’t have to wander around in search for a shelter, we don’t have to bend knees pleading for peace, and we don’t have to run from gunfire,” she says.
She does not mention that the war was started by the North’s invasion of South Korea and was halted in a stalemate after costing millions of lives.
她没有提朝鲜战争是因为朝鲜入侵韩国而爆发的,在造成数百万人死亡、打成僵局后停火。from nyt
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能在生产力如此发达的21世界 让人民饿着  我也是服气的

希望后期的渲染团队好好加强一下 能不能把色彩调的稍微自然一点......
I am an ordinary korean girl

I am an ordinary korean girl from an ordinary family

this is my grandfather, he was not a hero but a brave soldier, a war veteran I'm so proud of

now I'm old enough to realize the battle stories he used to tell me and the people he used to recall were part of the history.

now I see how his generation lived through the most fierce and painful years of war for all
no one wanted a war, that brought agony to every life on this land but a war we had to win at any cost, the fatherland liberation war.

and I'm here today as I did last year, and a year before last by my family tradition

just today I'm sure of my own and he's not here with me anymore
but this is where the heroes patriots and veterans are alive to tell us the truth.

on June 25th 1950, early Sunday morning, peace was broken on Korean peninsula
and there was no way for Koreans to stand back.

in population territory economy and military equipment the two years old republic
and the formed coalition forces could not be a match.

and no one expected the war would last as long as 1129 days
and would go into history as the fiercest and the most brutal war since the second world war

innumerable innocent people killed and not a single brick remained intact.

still it was the Koreans who became the winner.

we call it victory because we successfully defended our land from the invasion by the strongest allied forces in the world.

they disposed all its power to take over this tiny land but what they faced was a total shameful failure

literally it was a duel between a rifle and an atom bomb

the war had turned every citizen of the republic into a hero and they had their reason to become one.

for five dreamy years liberated from Japanese colony,
farmers finally owned their land, workers became masters of factory
and parents could send their children to school

and people was ready to sacrifice anything to protect what they just gained the freedom, the democracy and their genuine life

and they had the right leader the brilliant commander in his 30's
who could lead their patriotism to a victory.

so now I want to know the history better and thank them for what they have achieved
just most of them are already gone.

but this is what's left after them, the nation, the land, the freedom that I can call my life

we don't have to wander around and search for a shelter

we don't have to bend knees pleading for peace

and we don't have to run from gunfire

my grandfather taught me to value the history
and he taught me to defend what's precious for


全篇文字十分煽情~ 美帝亡我之心不死的套路。

>>希望后期的渲染团队好好加强一下 能不能把色彩调的稍微自然一点......





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