Daniel Monaco & MC Matsui - Swimming With Turtles (亀の海遊) audio

Daniel Monaco & MC Matsui - Swimming (Vinyl, 7") (Released February 4, 2022)
Available on Periodica Records Bandcamp: https://短网址/3LjMJxY
Label: Periodica Records [PRDINT1001]

Swimming is the first release on Periodica International, and finds Daniel Monaco collaborating with MC Matsui for two tracks of oceanic esoterica, wherein grooves of spaced out disco and mediterranean funk meet textures of early electro and hip-hop. Skeletal dancefloor drums anchor flamboyant basslines as they work between liquid smoothness and a staccato pulse, cosmic keyboard accents melt down like starlight, and synth leads snake through solos of alien baroque and Arabian exotica while palm-muting guitars and tropical mallet flourishes add further colorations. And guiding the grooves are the lysergic musings, spoken word serenades, and proto-rap poetics of MC Matsui, who comes off like a stoned mystic wandering the beach as turtles and dolphins call him out to sea.
(Words by Braden Balentine - The Sun Lounge)


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