[0] AP(Advanced Placement) Comparative Government and Politics -- Introduction

1. AP
AP is the abbreviation of Advanced Placement, which is a series of high school courses. After finishing the AP course and the exam, you can change it for college credit. There are 34 subjects, including natural science, humanities, arts, and language. There are two subjects about politics: AP Comparative Government and Politics, AP US Government and Politics.

2. AP Comparative Government and Politics
AP Comparative and Politics is a course that studies 6 different countries, including UK, Mexico, Iran, China, Russia, and Nigeria. From studying these 6 countries, we would learn political systems, political institutions, political participation, election and party systems and citizen organizations, political economics.

3. The purpose of this series
Although I am only a student, I would like to share what I learned and discuss with other students interested in politics.
Also, I wanted to increase Pincong's international influence, letting the world know there is more than one voice here. We are just be muted by the party. We would still want to see what the real world is.

In this sense, I would go through the course in 3~6 months.

4. The frequency of updating
I'll update twice or more per week. The Traditional Chinese version would be published first, and then the English version would be updated the next day. (So, it is about 4 to 6 passages per week)
This series will follow the AP Comparative Government and Politics Course Description:
If necessary, I would update it by country instead of strictly following the course description.

5. Reference & Recommended Textbook
Essentials of comparative politics with cases
Barron AP Comparative and Politics

6. The Chinese version of the 0 passage

This is all for passage 0. If anyone has some advice in content or grammar, just put it here. Thank you for reading the passage. I would put the review notes and practice set here. If anyone has questions, please put them under. I would answer them in my free time. This is the first time to do a long series like this. I hope I can finish it.
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If you like this series, please share it with your friends. I know the exam is coming, so if anyone has questions about any topics, please put them here.






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