THE MOST DIVERSE BIKE RIDE IN THE WORLD? | Drum & Bass On The Bike - WALES | Swansea City

Well this ride had just about everything including the bike breaking! We did manage to fix it after being at a standstill for 15 mins. Thanks to everyone who helped with trying to repair it.. I'm genuinely surprised that the bike made it to the end, The rear spindle completely stripped its thread! (also the go pro died shortly before the end)

Other than that we had 5 dogs, many children, a baby, a penny farthing, roller bladers, skateboarders, scooter riders, runners, walkers and of course bikers!

Watching this back really made me realise how diverse these rides have become and for me it signifies complete unity within the people. Couldn't be prouder of what this has become!!



And, if you fancy helping me along the way..
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