Carrie Lam的「Suspend Indefinitely」被誤解?

不好意思,昨日給各位帶來麻煩,我特意下載了一個普通話輸入軟件,方便交流。今日又在reddit上看見有人説carrie lam講過草案已經「suspend indefinitely」,是對反送中的回應,被外國誤解成「永久擱置」,是不是玩word tricks啊?聽說這裏有好多在外國的人,大家有沒看當地報導?text我給大家放上來看一下


Attention: There is misunderstanding from the international world that the extradition law is withdrawn. I and my friends received “**congrats**” messages from people in United States and Australia. The reason is that Carrie Lam’s English version is: “suspend indefinitely”. The top definition in urban dictionary (how people commonly understand the word at this age) is “without ending, forever, endless period of time, infinite.” In Chinese, “暫緩” means “slow it down temporarily”. Carrie Lam is playing the translation trick so that the international world will not make so much noise and that the investors won’t go away. And more importantly to save face for Xi Jinping. Please spread this to people outside Hong Kong so that they are aware of this trick.

Credit: Lake Lui

“suspend indefinitely”
“slow it down temporarily”


“I'm in Italy and so far it seems that Italian newspapers have understood that it's only a temporary suspension of the bill passing, and thus it is not a definitive abort of the bill.”