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Dear Mr. President,

Hong Kong has been through quite a bit since the 1997 handover. Even so, we have largely managed to keep our basic freedoms and liberties intact.
The future of Hong Kong changed dramatically with the May 21st announcement by the Chinese Communist Party that the National People’s Congress (NPC) will bypass the Hong Kong legislative process, as laid out in the Sino-British Joint Declaration, and will impose new laws from Beijing covering political and national security matters. Our struggle has changed accordingly.
China’s Communist Party is now canceling Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy and inserting Communist Party rule over Hong Kong. They have made their clear intent is to destroy Hong Kong’s most valuable asset, the rule of law.
Only through international pressure will the Chinese Communist Party ever reconsider this disastrous course of action. Without that pressure—and the active insistence of the United States—Hong Kong will change from a city operating under the “rule of law” to one operating under Beijing’s “rule by law.” This would be a tremendous loss for the world, including the United States, which has a tremendous investment in our city.
In Hong Kong today you are already respected as one of the few world leaders willing to confront China’s bad behavior. We now need both your public support and the diplomatic efforts of the United States to help keep our city a center of international trade and home for freedom.
Mr. President, please help us.
Thank you and God bless.






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