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I'm studying in Beijing for one semester right now, and I really feel the hidden 'caste system' thing you're talking about. It's like the lowest working class is treated as not part of real 'high class' society, they're basically treated like shit. I even feel like the people from my dorms cleaning service, or Waimea (food delivery) guys are happier working for me as a foreigner because I am talking to them, I'm taking them seriously as human beings, I'm thanking them for their service, while I've never seen any Chinese people doing so (I don't want to generalize but that's from my experience). And then again I find it almost scary how some foreigners here praise China for having such cheap food delivery, and everything is so convenient, not realizing that all that is on the cost of this huge low-wage social class.


I even remember this one specific moment where a waimai guy was 10 minutes late. They're basically running their ass of 24/7 cause from what I've heard people expect their food to be always on time (which creates almost impossible working conditions). When he arrived he was incredibly sorry and looked like he thought I'd be angry with him, but when I just told him that it's alright, I can wait for my food, I have time, there's nothing to worry, he was almost surprised but very happy.



MO, it's a byproduct of

Chinese imperial examination system. Not really a caste system cause people who do well in school can actually climb up the ladder and bring honor to their family. But unlike westerners explore, conquer and colonize to accumulate wealth in history, China was so isolated, all Chinese people can do is compete with each other, fight against their fellow people. Those who know how to read and write well essays become successful in this examination system deemed to be superior. Nowadays, those Chinese who cannot enter the first-tier universities are considered as either low IQ or lazy sub-human. No one dares to question the system, we only can blame ourselves not being smart enough.



Right, the state ended up pitting people against each other, similar to 'dekulakisation' in the Soviet Union. It was a case of being punished if you helped fellow countrymen and being allowed to go on if you made certain elements of the populace suffer (for example, there are stories of teachers being beat up and even killed by their students during the Cultural Revolution).One of my closest mates grew up in Ukraine. He's talked to me about the stories his grandparents told him about the Soviet era. Still hard for him to talk about, but a good reminder of how totalitarianism brutalises human nature.


I have lived in China for more than 30 years before I came to New Zealand, I totally agree with you. Chinese don't know how to respect people who they think lower social level than themselves. Most of them only respect money and power.



there are not communist. It's just the name of the party. But it's the complete opposite of the party formed in shanghai 100 hundred years ago.

The current party leaders are known as the princelings. Basically, they are the offspring of Mao's opponents. How ironic!




Reports from people bleeding to death because no one was willing to help reaches us all the time. It cannot get any more disgusting. Yes, I understand why people act that way, and under the circumstances I might act the same way. But it isn't moral by any standard. And the so calles People's Republic does a bad job at changing it. It doesn't even look like the People's Republic gives a damn about its fucking people. Where is the solidarity? There's only solidarity in the hatred of anybody who isn't Han-Chinese.No, I am not trying to trash talk China. But obviously China has lost its ways.

团结在哪里?可能中国人只有对非汉人的仇恨才会有团结。 我不是在抹黑中国,但很显然,中国已经迷失了方向。


there is no "communism" or "socialism" in China .,.,.the system is state capitalism............and the CPC is full of millionaires and billionaires who use the CPC as a vehicle for their own social advancement as they filter money into their offshire bank accounts. A 5 minute google search could have told you that..........

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