【向Cloudflare致敬】免费安全可靠的Cloudflare WARP VPN

Cloudflare近日正式推出了其基于wireguard的WARP VPN。




PS: 一则伤心的故事,邮箱被赵弹塞满,已废。/(ㄒoㄒ)/

Cloudflare’s free mobile VPN is now available in its app
There’s also a paid tier

By Jay Peters on September 26, 2019 2:44 pm

Image: Cloudflare
Cloudflare today released the free VPN add-on, called Warp, for its DNS resolver mobile app for all users, following the initial announcement back in April. Cloudflare is also launching a paid version, Warp Plus, that uses Cloudflare’s Argo technology, which promises additional speed and security.

Cloudflare’s goal for Warp is to make a mobile VPN that not only makes browsing more secure, but also faster. And, since it’s a VPN for your phone, it should make any internet traffic from your phone more secure, too. However, you can’t use Warp to spoof your location — you’ll need to use another VPN if you want to watch your favorite show that’s not on the US version of Netflix.

Cloudflare says there were “approximately two million people” on the waitlist for Warp. The company adds that it wanted to launch Warp in July, but the release took longer than expected. “It turned out that building a next generation service to secure consumer mobile connections without slowing them down or burning battery was… harder than we originally thought,” writes CEO Matthew Prince in a blog post.

In my own testing of the free version of Warp, I haven’t felt any noticeable changes to my internet speeds or battery life. According to Cloudflare, that free version has no bandwidth caps or “limitations,” and I haven’t noticed any particular slowdowns. That said, if you want the additional speed and security benefits of Warp Plus, you’ll have to pay $4.99 a month in the US. Cloudflare says the price will vary by region.

If you were on the waitlist, Cloudflare says it will give you 10GB of Warp Plus, but some commenters on the announcement blog and on Reddit haven’t seen that show up yet. If you haven’t, Cloudfare is advising you to send a bug report in the app by tapping on the little insect icon on the top of the screen. If you recently switched phones, though, you might be out of luck — Cloudflare says your waitlist number was tied to your individual device.


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One advantage of CloudFlare is that, while they may not be inherently trustworthy, they already run a ridiculous amount of the internet, so you are likely already trusting them without knowing it.

By neilowen on 09.26.19 2:56pm

I don’t understand all this very well but will this keep my ISP from monitoring and monetizing my browsing history? I would prefer for both AT&T and Spectrum to eat a bag of Ds.

By Tal Rico on 09.26.19 2:58pm

It will do that in Warp mode, but not in mode.

Warp’s help pages are pretty confusing but this blog post is good: https://blog.cloudflare.com/1111-warp-better-vpn/

By Danyal on 09.26.19 3:44pm


A VPN (what Warp is) encrypts your connection between 2 points: your device and the VPN server. Your ISP is able to see that single connection taking place but is unable to tell what’s being transmitted through it. For your ISP it’s one big lump of data moving through that single connection. Thus, they’re unable to see any of your activity since Cloudflare’s servers are the ones actually connecting to the services you’re trying to reach and then routing that data through that encrypted tunnel.

By MaDBoOmAh on 09.27.19 10:24am

I got the free 10gb from being on the waitlist, but my only option is Warp+. I’m not sure if I am locked out of the base Warp or if this is just really shitty UX.

By zduboss on 09.26.19 3:03pm

I think it is a UI and a branding issue. basic functionality appears to be which uses a VPN profile as part of the DNS over HTTPS. It is unclear if any other aspects of the VPN come into play with that, as the vpn portion appears to based on Wireguard.

Perhaps it gives basic vpn, just without location optimized connectivity/routing (seemingly what Warp+ offers).

Default behavior via the UI gives you functionality over Wireguard (maybe?).
Enabling "Warp" turns on Warp+ (yet the button implies just Warp). So who knows.

By theVergeOf on 09.26.19 3:43pm

You can change between the two options dude. Just check the settings page.

By ashrafmorenos on 09.26.19 5:24pm

People say not to trust free VPN apps since they’ll spy on you to make money. How is this any different? Doesn’t the adage still apply, "If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product."

By gadgetgormand on 09.26.19 3:11pm

I wouldn’t trust the free service. You’re routing all your internet traffic through someone’s server and you’re not paying them for it. They have to make money somehow. I would guess they’re selling that data for marketing purposes. They may remove personal identifiers before selling the data but, who knows.

By bata23 on 09.26.19 3:15pm

Honestly, wouldn’t "trust" the paid service either and this isn’t a knock on Cloudflare. The goals of this VPN are security and speed, not privacy. So for the "I want a VPN that doesn’t log/doesn’t retain logs" set, this isn’t going to be your VPN of choice. But I imagine there is probably some security features in play that’ll be appealing to a lot of users (something like notice specific fingerprints/third party domains being called via ad networks or just random javascript that are known bad actors, etc.: blocked on Cloudflare’s end for you).

By whlr on 09.26.19 3:18pm


The bottom of this article explains how they make money.

By arcaninsanium on 09.26.19 3:46pm

A little bit off-topic: Does anyone know how to make an animation like in the title? Is there some Adobe program like Premiere (or similar) needed? Thanks for your help!

By David179 on 09.26.19 3:41pm

The website it has been rendered from ( is actually open source and the logo appears to be animated programmatically there. See initOneDotLogosAnimated: https://github.com/cloudflare/

By Danyal on 09.26.19 4:01pm

I’d like to use this but live outside the US. Usually not a problem, but content providers are dicks.

The NFL sold the GamePass rights to a shit company called DAZN for Canada. It’s a horrible service that runs in 480p most of the time, but somehow figured out how to be militant about geolocating. renders it useless.

This is mostly irrelevant but it is "Consuming Content in Canada" writ small.

By StoicRomance on 09.26.19 3:50pm

I bought 3 years of NordVPN for less than $3/month and I can use that anywhere, desktop or mobile. I don’t use VPN when I’m off home WiFi unless I connect to a public WiFi and need to access something more confidential.

By jdmp10 on 09.26.19 4:57pm


By baRRy boRRis on 09.26.19 6:44pm

This is very lazy reporting. There is data limits on warp which you then mention in the paragraph after saying there’s no limits. One job guys. 10GB limit and extra 1GB for referrals. That is a hard limit for the free warp. Without warp it’s just secure DNS without limits not actual data VPN.

By Jazstar on 09.26.19 5:15pm

Warp and Warp Plus are not the same thing

By dissss on 09.26.19 10:44pm

You get 10GB free (i think if you were on the waitlist) and 1GB for referrals on their paid tier (Warp Plus). When you run out you drop to the base tier (Warp) which has no data caps currently.

By gameaddict24 on 09.27.19 10:13am

- Use the Tor browser if you only care about privacy but not necessarily fast speeds.
- Get a free ProtonVPN account. https://account.protonvpn.com/signup

By JanSolo on 09.26.19 6:46pm

This app slows down my internet connection tremendously. Even in Warp. I wonder why.

By Megazine on 09.27.19 4:50am

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